Never Forget Your First Crush

Inventing Amarillo’s Nightlife since 2008


The Soul of Downtown Amarillo

Brian Singleton started out waiting tables in college. He later helped open Amarillo’s fondly remembered Zen 721, where he worked his way up from prep cook into management. His passion for delicious food, good wine, and a vibrant downtown atmosphere continued to grow as well. Along with Bo Salling and Brian Mason, Singleton opened Crush in 2008. As we celebrated our tenth anniversary as Amarillo’s premier wine bar, we moved across the street to our new two-story location.

Our menu has expanded, and our wine and beer selection only gets better with time. But we’re still passionate about revitalizing downtown Amarillo and giving people a dining experience to remember. Our upstairs patio provides an exciting view of the city, and our full cocktail bar is turning heads. If you’re looking for a tasty lunch, loving a night on the town, going on a first date, or celebrating your own tenth anniversary, Crush is still the place to be seen.

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